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St Patricka��s Rugby Club was established in 1964. In that year the Club entered a team in the a�?Ba�? Grade competition of the Western Suburbs Junior Rugby League and played games at Concord Oval & Lidcombe Oval. The team played in a white jumper with a black collar and was coached by Peter Burnicle. The first President of the Club was Michael Iacono.

Today St Patricka��s Rugby Club continues to maintain its fine tradition of being one of the leading Clubs in the NSW Suburban Rugby Competition. The Club operates six teams each week competing in the Kentwell, Burke, Whiddon, Judd, Sutherland and Barbour Cups. While the Club continues to operate at the highest level, the Club continues to strive to maintain the balance between success on the field and the mateship and camaraderie that is engendered within the Rugby Community.

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