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St Patrick’s Rugby Club was established in 1964. In that year the Club entered a team in the “B” Grade Competition of the Western Suburbs Junior Rugby League and played games at Concord Oval and Lidcombe Oval. The team played in a white jumper with a black collar and was coached by Peter Burnicle. Training in those days was undertaken at Mason Park at Homebush. The first President of the Rugby Club was Michael Iacono.


In 1966, St Patrick’s Rugby Club entered a team in the West Harbour Junior Rugby Union Under 20 Competition. The change to Rugby Union was deemed necessary as St Patrick’s College Strathfield in 1965 changed from a Rugby League School to a Rugby Union School. Pat Allsopp coached the first Under 20 side in 1966. A second Under 20 team was entered in 1968.

In 1969, St Patrick’s Rugby Club had three teams. Two open age teams entered the NSW Suburban Rugby Union Second Division Competition namely the Barraclough Cup. Because of a jersey clash with Knox Old Boys who played in all Black, the Club jumper was changed to a Black & Gold stripe. Our other side, the Under 20 team were Western Harbour Premiers with the team coached by Denis Jackson. 


In 1971, the Suburban Competition was further expanded to incorporate the Stockdale, Blunt and Richardson Cups. The late John O’Rourke was the first coach of our Barraclough Cup team. During this period training was moved to Fatimar Oval (one of the ovals within the College Grounds) following the installation of lighting by the Rugby Club at the College Oval.   


In 1973 the Club won the Reliance Shield as Club Champions of the Second Division. In that year the Club won the Blunt Cup (coached by the late Paul Jackson) this being our first success in NSW Suburban Football.
In 1974 St Patrick’s Rugby Club was promoted to the First Division of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union Competition, namely the Kentwell Cup Division. Our training facilities were upgraded to the Ashfield Centenary Ground in Croydon, and the unofficial Club House for the Club was the Illinios Hotel at Five Dock.


In 1975 St Patrick’s Rugby Club won the Kentwell Cup Competition with a 15 – 7 victory over St Ives in the Grand Final. The team was coached by Don Loughry and Captained by Mark Burgess.


In 1976 St Patrick’ Rugby Club won the First Division Club Championship, and also was the first Club in the First Division to have four teams compete in the Grand Finals.


In 1980 St Patrick’s Rugby secured a sub licence from The Trustees of the Christion Brothers who held a licence from Strathfield Council for Hudson Park at Homebush and this became our new Home Ground. With the support of Strathfield Council, the NSW State Government and our valued Sponsors, a new Club House was erected on Hudson Park and opened in 1981.


During the nineties two light towers were erected at Hudson Park to facilitate training at the ground, and in 2005 a further two light towers were erected. The quality of the lighting now allows for night football to be conducted at Hudson Park. 


In 1993 St Patrick’s Rugby Club won the Kentwell Cup Competition with a 23 -17 win over University NSW. The team was coached by Paul Donnellan and Captained by Anthony Hurney.


In 2013 St Patrick’s Rugby Club were Joint Premiers of the Kentwell Cup Division with a 33 – 33 all draw with Balmain. The team was coached by Paul Hardwick and Greg Michelle and Captained by Aaron Mattin.


In 2014 St Patrick’s Rugby Club won the Kentwell Cup Competition with a 40 – 5 victory over Drummoyne. The team was coached by Steve Nicholls and David Loughry and Captained by Aaron Mattin.


In 2015 a Black & Gold Supporters Group was formed to raise funds to provide to improve facilities at the Rugby Club for both Players and Supporters. As at the end of the 2018 Season 190 ex-players and Supporters have joined the Group.


In 2018, St Patrick’s Rugby Club was relegated to the NSW Suburban Second Division Competition (Barraclough Cup). At the end of the season, the Club participated in three Grand Finals. They were unsuccessful in the 1st grade Competition, but were Premiers in the Colts and 4th Grade Competitions.

In 2022, St Patrick's Rugby Club proudly fielded its inaugural Women's rugby team. St  Patrick's Rugby Club also proudly fielded a team in Subbies first ever weekly Women's 7s rugby competition, the Joy Johnson Cup, in 2023

also proudly

While the Club continues to operate on the playing field, the Club continues to strive to maintain the balance between success on the field and the mateship and camaraderie that is engendered within the Rugby Community.

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